Starting a new discover campus

  • Contact Chris Hansler at or at 253.310.5794.
  • Select a Campus Director – this must be a Lead Pastor or a credentialed Staff Pastor. Discover is developed and led by pastors because we put a premium on practical application. The time required is 5-6 hours per week (depends of # of students), and Campus Directors are compensated 50% of the total paid registrations for that campus. We will provide training to the Campus Directors. The Campus Director’s job description can be found HERE.
  • Be sure the campus site has facilities and equipment adequate to host Discover. In short, this means:

                        * A prepared classroom that can accommodate the students.             * 

                     * A video monitor or projector with a screen large enough to be seen by the class

                     * A computer which can be connected to the monitor or screen with the ability to stream the live video through an internet connection. We                                 currently use YouTube Live

                     * Enough bandwidth to stream the live video without hesitation. The specifics can be determined by our technology director, Scott Alsperger.

                     * We will provide assistance as needed.

Host church expectations can be found HERE.

  • Plan for a minimum of 6 students – We do not allow independent study in Discover because observed interaction and mentoring are important aspects of the leadership development of the  student. Critical mass of at least 6 students is important to facilitate discussion and interaction.
  • Become familiar with the Discover web site – - and the Discover Moodle site –
  • Promote Discover in your church and area – We have videos and promotional packages that we will provide that can be used to promote Discover. Many of those can be found HERE.
  • Get students to apply.  We have found that the most effective campuses are those where the lead pastor has been a strong advocate for Discover. Challenge individuals that you believe have leadership potential to apply. Students can apply HERE.
  • Launch your Discover Campus and watch as leaders are identified, developed and equipped for ministry!