How Discover Works

Discover is broken into what we call "Tiers."  Tier One and Tier Two each consist of four 9-week quarters. Tier Three is uniquely designed by each individual with the help of the Discover leadership.

Tier One: Discover FoundationsOpen to Everybody

  • One night per week – 2 hours per class
  • Taught by select pastors who have a track record of success
  • Students from multiple churches gather at a centrally located host church site.
  • Multiple sites in the region, but the teaching is live video broadcast from a central site that may move from course to course.
  • Every site has a Campus director (who is also a pastor) who leads discussion, provides oversight for that site and administrative support.
  • Courses are 9 weeks and include reading, homework, testing, church attendance and ministry involvement in their local church.
  • Weekly Class format:  45 minutes teaching; 15 minutes Q & A); 1 hour discussion and group interaction at each campus.
  • All registration, assignments, etc. will be managed through a central web-based learning management system called Moodle.
  • Completion of first 4 courses results in a “Certificate of Completion.”

Tier Two – Discover Leadership

Those who receive a Tier One certificate or its equivalent, are assessed and approved by Discover leadership and are recommended by their lead pastor would be eligible to apply for the Leadership Preparation Track. Tier Two would include:

  • Next level ministry training
  • Further development of a biblical, missional ecclesiology through weekly courses, assignments and reading.
  • Two “intensives” where all Tier Two students will gather for additional training.
  • A local “community” environment with other second tier students
  • Encouragement and possible opportunities to learn and start something (a trade, a ministry, etc.) from “ground level.”

Tier Three – Lifelong Learning & Path to Credentials

Those who complete Tier Two would be encouraged to continue a path of lifelong learning and if so desired, apply for credentials with Open Bible Churches. We would assess with the candidate any further requirements that would need to be met to be eligible for ministerial credentials. We would then work with them to find or create appropriate ministry opportunities.