Ministry Leadership

Tier 1 - Quarter 4 - Free in 2020

We recognize that this Covid-19 virus has hit, and is hitting, our churches in ways we’ve never experienced before. Because of this, we want to offer our Discover Ministry School Tier 1 course, “Ministry Leadership” free of tuition for continuing students and for any new students that may be interested. The class begins on April 21st (or a date designated by your particular campus) and will run for eight weeks. Our expectation is that students still may not be able to gather physically for campuses, so our students will watch the teaching from home and then gather with their campuses via live video conference. In the event that our students can begin to assemble at that time, they will then gather at one of our 10 campuses. There is one near your church. You can find that list HERE.  Here is what to do if you have students who want to participate:

  1. New students should apply Discover HERE   We have also waived the application fee for this quarter. If they continue next fall, we will assess the application fee. New students will receive enrollment instructions once their application to Discover is accepted.
  1. Current students should simply enroll in the class.
  2. Once accepted, the local campus director will contact the students for course times and specific instructions.
  3. If you want to start a new campus for this course specifically, see instructions HERE


This course is one of the most practical courses we offer, will be taught by effective pastors as well as video from Dr. Ed Stetzer, and it will give your students tools for leadership in ministry and in any area of influence in their life. Here is a course description:


In this class the student will be exposed to principles of Jesus-centered leadership. Our teaching will be built around the four "Cs" of leadership: Character, Competency, Culture and Chemistry. Students will examine areas such as servant leadership, integrity, understanding one's gifts and limitations, self-management, relationships in leadership, values, team building and much more. By the end of the course students will:


  • Learn basic principles of Jesus-Centered leadership.
  • Know more about their own capacity for leadership.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of building a healthy leadership culture.
  • Express through writing and conversation how Jesus-centered leadership is similar and different from secular leadership.


You can find promotion for the course (bulletin insert, poster or promo screen, as well as Discover promo videos) HERE .


Please let us know if you have any questions at all.